Empire Breaks and Emotive String show in DEMO Mode, why?

holydisc Member Posts: 5 Member

Hello everyone,

I just installed my new Mac and everything worked so far but Empire Breaks and Emotive Strings only show up in DEMO mode. All other libraries are fine.

What is the problem here? I installed only Kontakt 7. Is this the problem? Do I really have to install Kontakt 5 and 6, too? Or what could it be?



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  • holydisc
    holydisc Member Posts: 5 Member
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    It works now. I installed Native Access again and now everything is fine. Except: Non of the Rob Papen NKS plugins will load, claiming they were not silicon ready or vst3. But the plugins load just fine in Komplete Kontrol if you load them as normal VSTs. ??? My old Mac was also a silicon Mac and there it worked, too.


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