Set_snapshot_type ..?

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Hi _

I'm sorry but I don't understand the news Snapshot type appeared in the recent 6.7. Kontakt version .

Can someone enlighten me ?


  • soundtrax
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    0: Load NKI + Init CB + Persistence CB

    1: Load NKI + Persistence CB

    2: Load Init CB + Persistence CB

    3: Load Persistence CB

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    Agreed; does Persistence CB mean that it only applies to controls and parameters marked "make_persistent()" or is it another meaning?

    I understood the difference between the notions of "make_persistent()" and make_instr_persistent(); is there a relationship, common points with these levels of snapshots ?

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    edited February 2022

    Persistence CB = everything in the "on persistence_changed" callback plus all controls that are marked with "make_persistent".

    If you use "make_instr_persistent" for a control, it won't be stored in a snapshot at all (no matter which snapshot type) - It will be only stored when re-saving the nki.

    "Load NKI" in my list is somehow misleading, since the old snapshot types 0,1 wouldn't actually load or refer to the nki, but they would always load/save the current state of the instruments (all internal groups, mods and fx - so basically the whole setup).

    In contrary, the new snapshot types 2,3 don't load/save any of the current instrument settings - which is really cool.

    Although I don't really get the logic of snapshot type 0 and 2. It just doesn't make any sense to load the init CB again - it's already loaded.

    So, if in doubt which snapshot type you should use: use type 3!

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    "make_instr_persistent" --> It's so particular that I have understood and assimilated it well. Thanks for all the details; I think you understand all of this better when you need it, for your use _

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