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I'm trying to use my A49 with Ableton and the Komplete VST using the Retro Machines instrument. I'm on a M1 MacBook Pro.

First issue: When I'm playing a track I can use the controls on the A49 just fine, specifically the mod wheel to control the Morph. As soon as I click record, no buttons, knobs or wheels respond on the A49.

Second issue: When recording I have to use the Morph slider on the screen, I can see it recording the automation. When I go to playback, the automation is there, but doesnt do anything.

Third issue: At random times, with no automations set. The Morph slider just starts moving on it own. It'll bounces all over the place. The only way to stop this behavior is to quit and relaunch Ableton.

Fourth issue: I'll stop the track or clip and the VST will just keep playing. Again, the only way to stop it is to quit and relaunch.

Any tips?


  • DunedinDragon
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    How exactly are you set up for recording? Ideally, you create a MIDI track in Ableton and then drop KompleteKontrol on the MIDI track header to the right. When you double click that Ableton track header you'll see KompleteKontrol on your bottom panel. When you open that device you'll be in KompleteKontrol to manage the recording. To record you enable that track for recording in Ableton then start recording and as it moves through the track whatever you play (notes or automation) should be represented as MIDI in your track. Once you stop recording you reposition to the start of the Ableton track and press the play button which will play all your recorded MIDI through KompleteKontrol. If you go back and record on that track again (with automation changes) it will replace what you recorded previously unless you have overdub MIDI selected for that track.

  • Mika.Six
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    That's exactly how I'm recording. Automations work in everything else, just not in the Retro Machines instrument. I have 2 Massive tracks with a bunch of automations and no issues.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Mika.Six Is this happening only on this library? If you use another Kontakt instrument in Komplete Kontrol in Ableton do you have the same issue? Can you make a small video displaying the issue, zip it and upload it here, so we can try a repro? What's your OS and Ableton version ?

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