Ozone 10 is actually compatible with OSX 10.14 - but cannot be installed

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I have the KOMPLETE 14 Package including Ozone 10 Standard running on MacOS Ventura. I have an older machine, that runs Mojave (10.14), I need it there, too, but can't install it, as it's not displayed in Native Access 3.2. And yes: This article says "Ozone 10 requires macOS 10.15 (or higher). It is not displayed in Native Access on earlier macOS versions." But that's technically not true. I CAN install Ozone 10 Trial version via iZotope Portal and it runs! So why is that and is there a way to work around? I don't want to buy it twice! THANKS!



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    Officially, Ozone 10 needs macOS 10.15.7 or higher:

    There is no way around it. You could ask iZotope, though.

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    Why dont you try to simply copy over all the files from the computer where it's installed? It might work.

    You can use the Uninstall article to understand all the files you need to copy over.

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    Thanks, I wonder, why they offer to install the demo, if it is beyond the requirements. Strange.

    I will try copying the fills, it's worth a try!

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