Komplete Audio interface and Kontrol S-series on Apple M2 CPU

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Dear Community,

I am brand new to here, so sorry if this is a duplicate topic though I did search for such threads already but I do not see a clear answer, I think.

I see that in the Specifications of Komplete Audio (interface) as well as of Kontrol S-series keyboards (and not only these products), NI say that Apple M2 chip is not supported. And actually all the threads here lead to that same news page where NI only mention that M1 is supported, Rosetta, blablabla, etc - I have seen this post.

I just got my new Mac Mini M2 Pro and was planning to buy Komplete Audio and Komplete Kontrol S-series to use with Logic Pro.

So my actual question is: will these products literally not work with M2 chip OR they will work but are not (yet) officially supported by NI? If they won't work, do you have any knowledge what is normally the lead time for NI to catch up with new Apple chips? Basically I am trying to understand, shall I better not buy now and wait (probably months) until M2 becomes officially supported?

Many thanks in advance!


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    @spqr753 Welcome to the forum!

    The Komplete Kontrol S series keyboards and the Komplete Audio soundcards are all compatible with M2 computers. There is no fundamental difference between a M1 and a M2 chip (and hopefully M3 and the ones that will come). We updated our Apple Silicon compatibilty article and the product page of the keyboards but apparently not the pages of the Komplete Audio soundcards. This will be corrected.


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