NI Sends Purchase Confirmation to Wrong Email

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Hello. My current working email address is "[email protected]". This current working email address is correctly displayed when I navigate to the NI My Account web-page.

Yesterday I purchased (online) an upgrade of a NI software product. At the end of the transaction, the web-page displays a notice saying that the purchase confirmation will be sent to email address "[email protected]" - an old email address of mine that is no longer active, and for which I no longer have access.

So I would like confirmation of this particular purchase, but more importantly, I would like NI to have my correct current working email address in their servers (for software activation, etc.).

How do I get word to NI that they are sending communications to the wrong email address and get them to send communications to the correct email address?

What I have tried to do:

  • first I tried to enter a question in the Search Support Topics on the Support web-page. None of the resulting answers involved NI using an incorrect answer.
  • I next tried the Support Wizard. After answering a couple of the questions posed by the Support Wizard, a get an option to query a new topic or "contact Support directly". When I choose the option to contact support directly, the Wizard simply ends - there is no instructions on HOW I should contact support directly.
  • Chat Support - the notice on the Support web-page is that because of the large number of inquiries, Chat Support is no longer available, and the support team will only answer inquires from the Solution Wizard. I already tried the Wizard which was not helpful nor was there a way to pose my problem directly to Support.

What should I do to get my purchase confirmation and to get NI to use my correct email address?


  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @JamPro I already answered your other post in another thread. It seems all is on it's way for a resolution.

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