Native access no longer recognizes my serial

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I will start by saying this first I purchased contact through a website called American music supply they had a program where you can pay in six payments for Kontakt Komplete 14 standard.

So I Downloaded it worked just fine loved it but made me come to realize that my computer just can't quite hang with it. I kind of seen coming initially because it's an older computer so I decided to upgrade my computer. NOW trying to reinstall native access using the serial number that was given to me error "invalid serial" and nothing shows up in my account now and I really don't know quite what to do I read some frequently asked questions and answers and all I got from that was pretty much make sure that all the products are removed and deleted from the original device before installing on new one which I did and ya here I am with no access to my purchased product.

Anyways I would appreciate a point in the right direction thanks


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Iseehennessey I can't see any serial on your account with a Komplete 14 Standard. Could it be that you registered it with a different NI accoubt or email? Anyway the best in these cases, since it implies personal data to be shared, is to contact our registration support agents here: You can include the serial in your request, it will speed things up.

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