XY Pad Reciprocity with ui sliders

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Hi KSP Scripters, I hope you are happy and well :)

I have a question about the XY Pad. I have tried for days to solve, trawling thru the manual and forums, experimenting with real_to_int and int_to_real but cannot solve my quest.

The Quest: I have an XY Pad assigned to various parameters such as Filter Cutoff and Replika Delay Feedback, and I also have the XY Pad cursor controlling and visually updating the ui sliders (knobs) I have created when moving the XY Pad, but I cannot get the same ui sliders to reciprocate this movement e.g. When I move the XY Pad cursor it moves the ui sliders, but, when I move a ui slider (knob) I want to see it move the XY Pad cursor so they remain in sync for levels when swapping between them, but I can’t get this to work. Is this even possible?

Many thanks if you have any time to provide any advice.


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