Maschine MK3 does not work.



  • jt maher
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    Careful: Had that same exact Dell laptop running windows, and one day as I was turning off the MK3; the laptop blue screen of deathed me ultimately rendering the laptop unusable. Was never able to get my laptop working again.

  • kb420
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    Ok. Fair enough. I have a Komplete Kontrol S49 that had the same problem you are having now, and changing the USB cable solved it. But, this was only a suggestion. I hope you eventually solve the problem.

  • Similaun
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    Hi all,

    I got response from NI support. They pointed out a couple of things, which I already tried but also one thing which I did not try yet. Since I already brought Maschine back to the store I can't try it out, but when someone else has this problem and tries to solve it reading this community discussions, here the possible issue and solution:

    The issue may be caused by the F-Secure Client Security. Could you try disabling that and then restarting your computer?

  • Gspot247
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    Go to your motherboard manufacture website update usb3 drivers from there or any outdated motherboard drivers, even have your bios up to date including any chip set drivers etc.

    do not interrupt any motherboard installs bios etc, I would def start with this.

    good luck.

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