Maschine OG on newer Mac OS (Intel Only)

andyftp Member Posts: 1 Member

I got it to work in Monterey, but only on an Intel Mac. This probably will work for Ventura, Big Sur, Catalina, etc. Running on Apple Silicon would require source code and recompile.

I copied NIUSBMaschineController.kext from old mac to /Library/Extensions

Right click NIUSBMaschineController.kext

Show package contents

Go into Contents folder

Edit info.plist

Delete these lines

<key>BuildMachineOSBuild</key> <string>12E55</string> 


open terminal

sudo chmod -R 755 /Library/Extensions/NIUSBMaschineController.kext 
sudo chown -R root:wheel /Library/Extensions/NIUSBMaschineController.kext 
sudo kextload /Library/Extensions/NIUSBMaschineController.kext 

Follow the prompt to allow the Driver to be loaded, reboot

Open Maschine 2.0

Plug in your dusty old Maschine MK1

Have fun!

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