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Traktor S3 Mk2 Defaults to live input to all decks

Hi there and I hope and pray I will get a response as I have asked 7 other questions in the past and never got one.

Can anyone help or tell me why my Controller S2 Mk3 defaults to live input on all decks when i switch it on. I got the S2 and S4 Mk3 and none does that. There is no way to get through to technical support nowadays with NI. Gone are the days when you will either drop an email or make a telephone call and you get immediate help.

Much as i love using NI products which I have done for over a decade, i think its about time to switch a company like pioneer and serato whom i am told by friends will reply for any support within hours. Companies like NI should realise that one of the most vital ingredient to keep your customers and attracting new ones is how fast you can address their queries. We are been directed to the support page which has no option to address certain issues we encounter with NI products. It also explains why they make it difficult to sell their products when you can't have help to continue using them. Buy any other hardware and want to transfer it to another person its just like good morning. With Trkator you need to send a request pleading with them to do this to an item that once you have bought it belongs to you. Smart idea i guess. We were told when the company management changed, some of these headaches will be a thing of the past. But as many of you know nothing has changed. It has even got worse.

When I had the pioneer SR2 and occasionally using Serato, it was just one click and and you are with their local technical support team and problem resolved. I think i will blame myself for putting myself in this situation as each frustrating time i will say i am done with NI but still do not do it.

I think the issue I have with the S3 Mk2 can be resolved in a matter of minutes with a simple explanation. But God help my soul if I will ever get any help suggestions. With traktor is down to the customers to figure out solutions amongst themselves on their forum page. Ita in a way insulting to some of us the loyal customers for over a decade now. Do not get me wrong here. When everything is working with traktor software & hardware they are a class of their own apart from the Controller S3 MK2 which for some reasons only NI knows why, is not as powerful in sound quality like the cheaper S2 MK3. Another strange production from NI.


  • Mark_NI
    Mark_NI Customer Care Posts: 190 mod
    edited March 13

    Hi @Mani Muchasalsa ,

    before having a look at the reported issue, I'd like to clear up what seems to be a major misunderstanding. Yes, contact options for NI Tech Support have changed in the last years and help via phone is no longer being offered. I hope on people's understanding that I am not in the position to further comment on this decision.

    I cannot say anything about our previous user forum as it is offline and no longer accessible. In the new Community, this is your very first post. And I am happy to let you know that support engagement which didn't really happen in the old forum is now being taken more seriously here.

    Getting through is not a problem though. On our DJ Support page, there is the self-help wizard which is meant to provide instant help for the most common issues, without any waiting time. At the end of the process of clicking through this wizard, there is - and has always been - the possibility to file a ticket and get in touch with our Traktor Tech Support agents. So much for this.

    There is no S3 MK2, so I assume that you are referring to this model:



  • Mani Muchasalsa
    Mani Muchasalsa Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks very much for your reply and clarifications. I tried to go through the selp support wizard but it did not take me to the option to create a ticket which was what I was expecting. Yes its the S3 I am talking about.


  • Mark_NI
    Mark_NI Customer Care Posts: 190 mod

    Thanks for specifying!

    Could you please post a brief screen recording here that shows Traktor starting up so we can see how it appears when freshly launched. THX!

  • Stevan
    Stevan Member Posts: 616 Guru

    I've seen this a couple of times with my Z2 and S8 in the past. Probably due to existance of the TRAKTOR (input) button on these units.

    Do you have any other mappings installed in the Controller Manager? (other than NI default ones)

    Does it happen when you ahve only the S3 mapping installed and no other hardware connected?

  • Mani Muchasalsa
    Mani Muchasalsa Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Hi Stevan,

    Thanks for te reply. Yes I do have the DJ2GO2 touch traktor mapping in the controller manager. But the S2 MK3 or S4 Mk3 do not do that. That is why I am bit surprise. Cheers

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