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Does Native Instruments recommend keeping a record of the serial numbers for the registered products tied to my account, for example, if I somehow lose access to my account, so I can prove the account is mine? Is there any point keeping a record of the registered serial numbers?


  • stevo3985
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    My personal opinion is that, yes, you should definitely keep the serial numbers somewhere safe. If your sticker ever gets damaged, and you end up selling or giving away your hardware, the cost of the hardware is supposed to include the software that it came with.

    Native Instruments (last time I checked, a few months ago) doesn't offer individual access to things like Maschine, by itself. That baseline program is supposed to be included with your hardware, and so you are expected to detach the entitlement from your own account, and provide it to the buyer, so that they can assume ownership of it.

    It is basically like the software/hardware is a package deal. Most people wouldn't/shouldn't buy a computer with no operating system, and the same goes for Native Instruments hardware. That is why I believe it is very important to hold onto your serial numbers, in a safe place. I hope this helps answer your question! 🙂

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