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I have a daft / noob question about debugging. As someone who did a lot of code slinging "back in the day", one of the favorite methods of debugging is to write a bunch of junk to a log file and then wade through it to see what the code is actually doing. In the end, it tends to be the best way to tell.

I'm dealing with what I am fairly certain is a bug in my code, most likely caused by the fact that I don't yet understand the Primary modules and their semantics well enough. It's hard to debug, when your misunderstanding is the root of the problem...

Anyway, as yet-another Reaktor feature that I'm underwhelmed by (this seems to be a theme of my questions), the debugging visualizer isn't helpful for complex / order flow problems. But, good old fashioned value writing to a log is. Is there any sane way to do this in Reaktor?



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    the simplest version of that is the event watcher in the debug menu. its not great, but if you search the user library for ACEW, you'll find the best option

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    Thanks so much! ACEW is brilliant, and the answer to my prayers. Now I have to work out why the data is why it is, but that's what debugging is all about.

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