Check My CC Transform Script Please? I'm New

NateAlexander Member Posts: 1 Member

And by new, I mean I've been reading the forum and manual for about two hours haha

Basically I just want a script to change incoming CC#0 to CC#35 on all channels and output byte 2 as it came on CC#0. Here's what I've got so far

on midi_in


 set_midi ($MIDI_COMMAND_CC,35)

 end if

end on


  • paulhc
    paulhc Member Posts: 5 Member

    set_midi is only for multiscript, which might be what you want. But this would work on the instrument level:

    on controller
    	if ($CC_NUM = 0)
    		set_controller(35, %CC[$CC_NUM])
    	end if
    end on

    I'm also new, so I don't know much about multiscripts or anything at all.

  • stephen24
    stephen24 Member Posts: 254 Advisor

    You do need a multiscript (click KSP near top R). Your script looks fine, except set_midi in the 3rd line needs another parameter - $MIDI_BYTE_2. Also if you want to kill the cc#0 you could put in ignore_MIDI.

    Or (much simpler) you could just replace the 3rd line with

      set_event_par($EVENT_ID, $EVENT_PAR_MIDI_CHANNEL, 35)

    Paste in your code and click Apply.

  • Mbleyer
    Mbleyer Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    can anyone help me how to make a midi cc to midi note converter script.i am just learning ksp.please help

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