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sol moin
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My samples on remix deck C will not sync properly with Track Deck A or B. Remix Deck C sync and quantize are on. I have quantize set to 1 beat. Sample Sync mode is on also. The samples are beat gridded correctly...when I load a sample on Deck A to sync it with Deck B it sounds fine. 

I tried a Sample on Deck A, track on deck B, and launching the same sample on Remix Deck C...the sample on remix deck C had a slight lag when compared to the same sample on Deck A, Very odd. 

The only time the remix Deck C sample syncs property with Track Deck A or B track is if the remix deck beat counter is at 1.1.1 (which is when the remix set is loaded). 

My sync mode is set to beatsync. I have the Master Clock Internal set so none of Decks A, B or C are the master. 

I was having this issue on Traktor Pro 3.5, just upgraded to 3.8 but still having the same issue.

I am using a Z1/X1/F1 combo.

thanks for any help!!!


  • Eric bee
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    I have now the same problem!

    traktor 3.8

    sync in Deck c is on

    i expect the remix Decks follow the Auto of Track deck A and B , but the Auto don’t work in session , only in stop a little (nightmare)

    and remix deck now don’t want sync anymore (yes speed is sync) but when I trigger a slot it don’t sync to the track . Fun point - it have worked before , that just after end of sample it jumps to next looos , now all looos are complete free triggered by finger (and yes deck c is sync mode) and also the samples Sync in slot are on. Doesn’t matter , it just play like trash

    native make your work better and your programming please

    the nightmare that absolute tempo fader you also have bring back to the S4MK3 in TT Mode !!!! We had this issue in 2010 around with Traktor scratch and vinyl that absolute didn’t work, now the fat BUG is back . Bravo

  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member, Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,533 mod

    Did any of you activate the step sequencer beforehand? As long as it is active, the deck's QUANT state is disregarded when triggering samples by hand.

  • sol moin
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    No, I haven't touched the step's weird this issue only happens on a remix deck. Thinking of downgrading the software to something earlier than 3.5...

  • Sûlherokhh
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    Can you test what happens while the Remix Deck is the Tempo Master?

  • sol moin
    sol moin Member Posts: 3 Member

    That didn't work either :(

    I found a dumb workaround: keep my remix set at the bottom of my Playlist and keep re-loading it (to get beat count back to 1.1.1) after I've played a remix deck C sample on top of track decks A and B.

    I'm not sure if the beat count has anything to do with this though. But out of ideas.

    Maybe time to make the jump to RB...

  • RickyBhatia
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    edited April 2023

    I was having the same issue, the problem is that at the beginning of the sample (bar) goes off. The bpm is synced but the beat is off, sometimes by 1 or by 2. The issue was that the quantize was set to 4 (the number next to bpm on the remix deck info bar) change that to whatever you want, IMO 1 works best. Hopefully, this resolves the issue.

  • XFrog
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    I have the same problem. In previous Traktor versions syncing with older computer, OS and Traktor version worked perfectly. I am now running version 3.9.0 90 on MacBook Pro Ventura 13.4.1 and the Remix Deck is no longer syncing properly.

    Does anyone have these constellations that works? Then please describe your settings.

    Can I revert to an old Traktor version?

    What is the oldest version running on this system?

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