Traktor pro 2 not appearing on native access

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I transferred long time ago Traktor pro 2 from an old fist native instruments account created at the time i bought the software, then i created a new account one year later for a Komplete Kontrol forgetting i created a former account with another email address.

Then I asked for a serial ID to transfer from the oldest to the new one.


Traktor Pro 2 doesn't appear on my native access products available and in the same time it appears on my product list in my account when connecting to the website.

Sounds to me that ther is a kind of obligation to switch to Traktor pro 3.

I currently have a macbook pro. initially i bought and installed traktor pro 2 in an Asus laptop (windows 10).

Any help or tip would be appreciated.





  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @inbuilt sounds like Traktor Pro 2 is not supported on your Mac OS. Can you pls double check from this article?

    Compatibility of Native Instruments Products on macOS

  • Tim t
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    I payed for a product that I used only a few times and now I'm forced to pay more money for a update ,I'm sorry but that is unfair and not cool for someone like me that already feel like I was taken advantage of ,I have a new lap top I should be able to transfer everything I paid for including TRAcTOr 2 . what can I do ?

  • Kubrak
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    Buy almost any Windows laptop. ;-) Or buy old Mac that is supported by Traktor 2. Or buy upgrade to TP3. Or sell licence for TP2 and use different program.

    You have at least 4 different solutions on the table. ;-)

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