Can I use a KKS 49 with an iPad?

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Can anyone tell me (I’m a complete newbie) if I can use KK S49 with an iPad and earphones? I want to use S49 as a travel/practice keyboard, I don’t need an extensive library of sounds/effects/functions. Just +/- decent piano sound (with earphones) would be fine. Or do I need a laptop or some hardware piece from NI?

Thank you very much in advance!



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    You would indeed need a laptop as a companion. As it's a MIDI keyboard, you will need software that turns key press signals into sound - like Kontakt (Player or Full) - and a virtual instrument of your choice (e.g. NI's own pianos).

    Also, there is no way to plug in an iPad and/or earphones.

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    Thank you so much, - so just to make sure I understand - there is no way to plug earphones into S49? Also, I was hoping to connect my iPad with S49 through S49’s MIDI out, is that possible?

    What I wasn’t sure if NI software/libraries are compatible with iPads, so you are saying it is

    not compatible ? Another potential problem is connecting S49 to power. Is there only one way (via USB) to do that?

    Thank you very very much in advance!

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    If you have USB-C connector on your iPad, you can connect keyboard to iPad by USB cable. Keyboard will show up on iPad as Midi controller and you can use it to play for example instruments in Apple's Garage Band. For headphones - I think the easiest way is to get some that can work wireless through bluetooth.

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    If you just need a keyboard for an ipad i'd be suggesting looking around at something else, none of the software will install and the keyboard can be USB powered or PSU (15v powered) but would be an expensive option for that task.

    Having zero experience or interest with connecting keyboards to ipads, not sure if they support USB MIDI protocols or if you have to get a lightning to MIDI and use that method, then you need to power the keyboard somehow.... all equates to a better solution being to invest in a laptop for the task really.

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    Thank you guys for your help! S49 + iPad doesn’t sound like a happy marriage :-) I’ll do more research.

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    @Newold iPad and S49 are not a good match for portable practice. I wouldn’t recommend using bluetooth headphones or keyboard for practice either because the latency would drive you mad. As silly as this sounds I would recommend getting a Casio portable keyboard that is easily powered and will allow wired headphones.

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    iPad will allow to connect to it any class compliant device being via usb with the “must needed” camera connection kit (CCK) or via bluetooth if the device has this option (the keyboard).

    About audio latency via bluetooth I will not recommend this approach. If you needed as a must I will advice “try before buy” visiting an apple store to try audio latency.

    About apps none of the NI software will work with it ATM (who knows in the future) but you can get lots of apps from free to expensive ones.

    Example of free app will be the numa player app.

    Example of expensive will be Sampletank with dedicated piano libraries or similar. There are lots so you should dig a bit to find what fit your needs.

    In the old forum I posted lots of resources but my advice will be check forum as trustable source for iPad experienced users and real world “workarounds”. NI forum isn’t the best place to get info on this field IMO.

    Hope it helps.

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    @Newold Sorry, but quite all answer are incorrect (even the one marked as “answer”) except sesqual’s one and the last one from mutis that at least takes in consideration the “class compliant” factor. But practically s49 in midi mode acts like a class compliant device and therefore doesn’t need its driver to be installed (thing that would be impossible on an iPad)

    What I’ve done instead is plugging the things in and testing it for you.

    S49 CAN be used with an iPad (tested and working).

    3 different solutions:

    What you will need is:

    A) An iPad with USB C connector

    An USB B to USB C cable

    Any kind of app that produces the sound you want in the iPad (in my example down under I’m using Korg Module app)

    Inconvenience with this setup: all iPads that has an USB C connection have lost their headphones plug, so you won’t be able to use headphones (don’t even try with Bluetooth ones: latency makes playing impossible)

    B) An iPad with lightning connector

    Some sort of midi adaptor (in the example I’m using an iRig pro, circled in yellow) that connects to the iPad via the lightning connection and the adequate midi cable (in this case mini plug to 5 pin, bundled with the iRig pro)

    In this case you’ll plug the s49 with its midi 5pin connector (not the usb) and your headphones in the headphones jack of the iPad (in any case, it’s the iPad app that produces the sound, not the keyboard itself)

    Sorry but I couldn’t upload the videos (the forum doesn’t allow videos)

    But believe me: I tested everything for you and it is indeed working 😉

    Last solution: C) an audio interface with also 5pin midi connectors, that will allow to plug your iPad to the keyboard, but in this case it seems a little too overpowered for the job (and the setup starts being less and less “portable”)

    Naturally the s49 must be in midi mode, since no NI software and no computer is involved

    I just discovered I can post zip files of the compressed videos 😂

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    About these questions:

    Headphones must be connected to ipad, not the keyboard

    For connecting through s49 midi out, check solution B in previous post

    NI software doesn’t work on iPad, you’ll need an iPad app (there is plenty of them, and very cheap compared to desktop prices). Yes, ipad can produce sounds too…and is a very valid alternative for music production

    S49 comes with a power brick and can be connected to walls power point

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