How to get an answer from NI support? I seriously don't know.

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Dear NI Community,

I was just wondering if anyone has an idea how to actually get the NI support to answer? I ordered Kontakt Komplete and Native Instruments charged me the VAT twice. I contacted support twice (15.1. & 18.2.) but they just refuse to answer. Of course there also is no number that one could call in such an occasion.

After 1.5 months I seriously don't know how to contact them anymore. So I figured let's post this here, probably this is not the first time this happens. Maybe someone has a tip for me?

And maybe, just maybe, even an NI employee would finally read this and cares to answer.




  • Matt_NI
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    Hey toni, the best would be to contact one of the mods/admin by private message if this happens to you. Others can't really help if something goes wrong with your request.

    I found it in our system and it looks like it wasn't properly assigned. I'm investigating it now and we'll make sure you get a response via email asap.

    Closing this thread.

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