Cue Headphone output in Traktor Pro LE using Komplete Audio 6 mk2

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I've just bought Komplete Audio 6 mk2 as it's compatible with my Maschine+.

I was using a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 Mk3 (doesn't work reliably with M+).

My issue is now with Traktor.

With Traktor and Komplete Audio 6 mk2, I am not able make any settings that allow me to audition/cue the second deck to allow me to mix.

With Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 Mk3, I can do this my configuring the audio interface with the re-routing to route a second output to the headphones. This way in Traktor I have both outputs allocated and can then mix, cue, etc.

It does not seem possible at all in Komplete Audio 6 mk2 to re-route outputs.

(seems a basic omission that Native Instruments audio interface does not allow a basic operation (cueing for a DJ) with its own Traktor software).

Please help, as I don't want to own multiple audio interfaces nor have to plug, unplug cables, etc.

Am I missing something?

Thanks, Rich


  • lord-carlos
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    Can you take a screenshot of the audio routing in traktor, and also of the drop down on that page.

  • g55boy
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    here is the audio routing.

    the drop down shows outputs 1 to 4 and the two SPDIF.

    I've tried different configurations on the Audio 6 with no way to get a independent Cue that doesn't get sent to the current live output track on the software Traktor mixer.

  • lord-carlos
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    If you choose 3 and 4 for monitoring, it should not send CUE to the 1 and 2 output.

    I don't know the Komplete Audio 6, maybe the headphone out will listen to all 6 outs? Is there a setting on it you can change maybe? Is there something about it in the manual?


    It looks like you can select the monitoring channel.

    When you select 3-4, in traktor turn the CUE/Master mix all the way to CUE, and disable CUE on all decks, do you still hear anything? Will you hear anything when you CUE a track?

  • g55boy
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    @lord-carlos It's really kind of you to take an interest in helping, thank-you.

    The Monitoring selector is for selecting the hardware inputs.

    The two headphone outputs always receive the same signal as the line-out 1/2. There is no option to listen to the outputs 3/4 over the headphones. (from Native Instruments: Listening to the outputs 3/4 with the KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 MK2 is only possible via the use of a DAW by routing the outputs 3/4 to your master channel. from me: this seems like such a faff!).

    I'm arriving at the conclusion that it is not possible with Traktor software and Komplete Audio 6 to monitor the cue independently (i.e. listen to upcoming track in audition before bringing it into the mix live) since no way of configuring the audio routing on the Audio 6. That's a shame. Will mean I keep the Focusrite for that, keeping the Komplete Audio for working with my Maschine+ not Traktor.

    Wonder if the Audio 6 mk1 could do this since there was configuration software available for that with some routing configurations?

  • lord-carlos
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    You could buy a 2x 6.3 mm Jack to 1x headphone cable and use 3/4 on the back.

    Or better:

    Use 1/2 for cue, and 3/4 for master! That should work, no?

    "Just" means you can't use that volume control on the top 🤔

    Real bummer you can hear 3/4 on the monitor out :(

  • g55boy
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    Cheers @lord-carlos.

    Think I'll stick with Scarlett for Traktor & Komplete Audio 6 for Maschine+/production.

    Thought I could sell the Scarlett and curb my Gear Acquisition Syndrome...seems not.

    Anybody from Native Instruments here who can answer if possible to cue/audition audio from Traktor when using Komplete Audio 6 or is this not possible?

  • ferg0
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    I used 2 x TRS 1/4 inch patch cables to connect outputs 3 & 4 of the Audio 6 to INPUTs 3 & 4 respectively.

    Then you set the switch for the headphones to monitor INPUTs 3 & 4. Remember this switch chooses which INPUTs to monitor when you pan the Host / Input pot to the "Input" side.

    Set up Traktor Pro 3 to use outputs 1 & 2 for master, and 3 & 4 for monitor.

    So now you can use the main volume wheel on the Audio 6 to control your main output volume to your speakers. You can also change your headphones from monitoring 1 & 2, to monitoring 3 & 4 by panning the Host / Input pot to the "input" side. It is probably easiest to pan it all the way to "Input" and use the headphone controls inside Traktor Pro 3 for controlling the volume and mix.

  • g55boy
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    Cheers @ferg0 i had forgotten about this. I’ve not used Traktor much since but kept the focus rite to do the job. What you describe sounds like it would work though. Thank you for taking the time to answer. Much appreciated. I do like the audio 6 it seems very stable.

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