Cue functionality with Komplete Audio 6...?

BeNowHere Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

The question is, can the KA6 be configured to hear a cue track in Ableton 11? The aim is to hear the metronome in one channel only, or be able to cue in a track that the audience can not hear.

I have experimented with different outputs to Cue Out and Master Out in Ableton's master track mixer, along with different switch combinations on the KA6 front panel, but nothing seems to work. I'm at a loss. As, unlike the Focurite 4i4, or Motu Ultralite Mk5, the KA6 does not seem to come with any sort of software device console with options to configure a cue track.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any workarounds?

Grateful for your assistance!

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