Hi do I map my edrum kit's hi hats in Abbey Road?

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Man this is frustrating. Plugins like GGD are easy to map, but this right click-learn CC thing isn't working for me. I've tried choosing the command, then select by midi, then opening the pedal, and all different order of operations to try this. It's been a few very frustrating hours of trying to get this to work.

I'm using Logic Pro X and an Alesis Strike module going MIDI over USB.


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    I'm only looking at the Alesis online. You said "module", does that mean you aren't using the strike kit?

    Assuming you're using the kit, I wouldn't use 'Learn Midi', I would assign each drum to a specific key. Abbey Road drums by default are mapped to general midi.

    Hihats are always grouped to 3 keys, so I'm assuming the Strike Kit hihat detects closed, open and pedal. So you would just assign those to F#-1, G#-1, Bb-1. Sending midi out of the module to Kontakt.

    Am I out to lunch?

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