Can't Click Any Graphics in Maschine

Bernard Hankins
Bernard Hankins Member Posts: 20 Member

Anyone else run into this? After certain amount of time the whole Maschine software won't respond. It's not frozen b/c I can still click menus and select items, but nothing happens. Transport changes color when clicked, but does not play or move the cursor. If I X out the program it gives me "want to save or discard?" message but if I click save or discard it just doesn't take. Groups, notes, scenes ,etc become unclickable/inactive. MK hardware is not connected. This happened with an older computer about 3 years ago with way less specs than I have now. Only started happening on this current laptop when opening files created in 2019.

My Specs:

Asus 17 gaming laptop-only a year old

Windows 11

16GB Ram

Ryzen AMD 7

Samsung Solid State drives

Latest Maschine update


  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,880 mod

    Hey Bernard, Is this happening with any project or just some? What soundcard are you using and with what driver and what settings?

    Have you checked this guide? Windows Tuning Tips for Audio Processing Thereare a lot of tips in there to ensure bets perfomance.

  • Bernard Hankins
    Bernard Hankins Member Posts: 20 Member

    Hi Jeremy, thanks for the reply. It happened on more than one project (at least 2 different ones). I am using Focusite Solo, Gen 3.

    It's not an audio issue, it's a graphic issue, where the buttons won't "take". I click on a pattern and it's as if the mouse click is not received. I can minimize/maximize Maschine, click on transports, play button will change from white to grey as if playing but nothing plays. Basically anything on the outer permitter graphics ( file, edit, view) can be clicked, but anything within the main Graphic of the software (browser, groups, sounds patterns) is "locked"

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,880 mod

    @Bernard Hankins What graphic card are you using? Did you update the driver for it? Is it a 4K monitor? What are your display settings?

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