Remaking Boom Bap with komplete 14

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I’ve always been a fan of Hip Hop. Boom Bap has a sort of unrepeatable groove/vibe..

Seeing as it is a hassle and expensive to clear samples.. Does anyone have tips for different methods/ techniques to make your own samples or have your beats sound “sampled” Ideally using Komplete 14..

Now I had an idea… would anyone be able to replicate this beat using Komplete 14?

Since NI bills it as any sound you could ever want..

Any information on the presets/libraries (and techniques) used would be awesome



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    i think you’d be able to recreate those drums with many different kits that you’d find in Maschine expansions. I’d recommend listening to the demos of some of the hip-hop oriented expansions and see which ones appeal to you.

    the synth part could be played in by you, using various different soft synths that come with komplete 14 - perhaps massive x, analog dreams or even 40s own keys, or even just the Maschine inbuilt poly synth, etc.

    the vocal sample is a trickier proposition - there are plugins included with Komplete that provide vocal runs/chops such as ‘Glaze’. Some of the Maschine expansions include vocal runs as well. But, for long accapellas you’d probably have to look elsewhere. I’d recommend using Tracklib, tons of accapellas there and it’s easy, relatively cheap and hassle-free to pay for sample clearance there.

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