Is inline power-switches are safe for Traktor S3?


I recently bought the S3 controller, and sadly it does not have a switch for power. I found some additional cables for power cables with contains a inline switch. Are those type of third party additions are safe for the device? I am attaching an image for the switches.



  • Markovicz
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    Hello @Berk Ilgar Ozalp,

    From the limited information given, it looks like the inline power switch is used between the power supply and the S3.

    As you know the S3 can be powered from a PSU or only a USB cable. The in-line switch will solve the issue of isolating power from the PSU but will not isolate the power being drawn over the USB cable. Since some computer allow the USB port to be powered when it is shutdown (for phone charging), you may find the S3 is still powered.

    If you are concerned about their power consumption then it is always recommended to remove the PSU from the AC mains power. The easier way to do this is to use a mains switch:

  • Berk Ilgar Ozalp
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    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for your answer. Yes, the picture shows female to male power barrel plug with a switch attached to it. The power rating is 5A for 12-24V which actually makes it compatible with the PSU used by S3. The main concern of mine is reliability of such cable. I hate plug-ing and unplug-ing things (cable mgmt guy) and want to fix the PSU connection with easy access. Do you think such cables are reliable?

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