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Hi Folks

My last post disappeared, so I'll try again.

I'm trying to use Maschine as a live performance DAW. I have 17 completed backing tracks that I've produced in Logic X and Komplete 13 that I need to import into Maschine on my show laptop (a PC). I'm also using Maschine to send MIDI CC to my lighting console and run my lights with great success.

In the future, I will use Maschine to build all of the show backing tracks, but at the moment I have to import them as a WAV or MP3 into the timeline (taking note of tempo and song length in bars) and create some groups for live performance patches and the lighting control. I have all of this working perfectly in Maschine as a stand alone and also opening the show file with the Logic X Maschine plug in. So far, so good...

So my question to the brains trust is...

What's the easiest and most stable way to get a 3-5 minute WAV or MP3 backing track into Maschine and then play live over the top of it while sending MIDI CC out to the lighting console...? Hopefully matching tempos and bar lengths will roughly sync things, I don't need to quantise.



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    Maybe a better suited product like m-live bbeat or similar?

    Even Traktor seems better choice than Maschine for that purpose. Other dj software vendors even have DMX sync…

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    Thanks, but Maschine is perfectly adequate for the task.

    It's definitely possible and I have it working, but I want to see how other people approach this problem.

    My approach is importing the sound into a Group, then using a clip dragged to the bar length of the original track with a sample of the track playing at Bar 1. Muting the pad prevents any accidental misfires and scenes can be built to replicate the arrangement of the original Logical X track.

    What would be great would be the ability to bring a sample into the timeline and play it from where ever the playhead is, just like a DAW.

    A :)

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    That seems the opposite of "perfectly adequate for the task" but your workflow, your choice.

    Roland MV verselab seems more oriented for what you seem to need.

    I hope you find the way anyways!


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    @StudioProjects said:

    My last post disappeared, so I'll try again.

    It did not disappear, it's here:

    I'm closing this one down since it's a duplicate.

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