Maschine MK3: How to get sound from midi for autosample

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Hi I’m trying to connect my external synth a Novation mini nova to my msachine mk3 to autosample some of the sounds from the keyboard.

I can see that when I press keys on the keyboard that they are triggering on the mk3 pad and on screen but there is no sound coming out.

I have turned the monitor on but still nothing. ive tried this both with a midi cable and via usb and neither of them seem to do the job.

I was Googling and looks like this is a bit of a common issue with other users having posted on this thread previously but now that the forum has changed I am not able to check those previous threads

any support would be great!

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  • D-One
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    Have you selected the correct MIDI Port in the Auto Sampler settings?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @yerb3000 Since it's been 2 weeks that @D-One offered you some help and you never replied, I'm closing this thread. If you need more assistance on this, you can contact our support here:

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