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  • colB
    colB Member Posts: 676 Guru

    How would that break forum rules?

    hehe, you don't know what I might have said in that particular conversation that I am definitely going to avoid. I've received warnings in similar situations in the past!

    So I'm agreeing. You guys have moved on, so we have to move on too. And it's better putting energy into trying to use and improve what we have, rather than complaining about what we've lost.

  • salamanderanagram
    salamanderanagram Member Posts: 4 Member

    this decision was really quite disrespectful to everybody who contributed countless hours to the old forums. i feel pretty gutted that all that work i put in was just deleted without thought or care, simply to improve your SEO results.

    colin is right about one thing: if i really spoke my mind about this i'd be breaking forum rules.

  • Monochrome
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    edited March 3

    To be fair though, it was well communicated in advance. Everyone knew that NI has to "pull the plug" at some point. People just didn't expect it to happen so soon (i.e. in just over a year later). (At least I didn't).

    Edit: Also, nothing has been deleted - backups were made, as mentioned here and there.

  • Z Gabr
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    Why couldn't the topics from the old forum be moved here, keeping all the information? 

    Not so long ago one of the professional music forums, of which I am a member, moved to a new engine and a new server... However, managed to migrate and save all the information... It took a few weeks, but everything was saved and moved... Maybe someone here just didn't want to take the time to move all the information to the new forum, and I think I'm right... 

  • MvKeinen
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    If its possible I'd love to access 2 old threads with attached files.

    Made by the great contributor CList.

    In the old forum every thread had a t=x portion in the address. Those 2 threads were:



    Additionally there were some threads about the advanced serialisation framework by Max Zagler. As I remember there were 2 bigger ones. Don't have the numbers though. The ones by Clist are more important though.

    Happy to see that the thread about initialisation behavior by Quietschboy made its way to the new forum.

    I just came back to reaktor too late. If I had known there was a migration I would have asked for those threads before that.


  • Cal Scott
    Cal Scott Member Posts: 67 Advisor

    Check with the web devs, i am sure its possible to add a simple 'no crawl' to the spiders .txt, this tells the search engines not to add the content to their index. It takes 2 minutes and will solve the the competing communities problem.

  • colB
    colB Member Posts: 676 Guru

    Everyone knew that NI has to "pull the plug" at some point

    I don't understand, why did they have to?

    To me it was clearly a choice not an inevitability. They had their reasons which we will never know. The 'community' has changed as a result from a Reaktor user/builder point of view. Lets wait and see how that works out.

  • Z Gabr
    Z Gabr Member Posts: 40 Helper

    First, the old forum is the largest knowledge base accumulated over many years.

    Secondly, closing access to that knowledge base means depriving a lot of people of a good start if they are new, and also depriving many experienced people of the opportunity to find answers to some difficult questions...

    Anyway, I insist that they could have moved all the topics from the old forum to the new one... Yes, it would take time, but it's not impossible, and the value of the time spent on it is much lower than the value of the accumulated knowledge on the old forum...

  • colB
    colB Member Posts: 676 Guru

    I agree. Not sure why this was a response to my post but... whatever :)

  • Rob Gee
    Rob Gee Member Posts: 17 Member

    Very poor from Native Instruments. What’s the issue with having a link to the old forum at the top of this forum and having it as read only?

  • ANDREW221231
    ANDREW221231 Member Posts: 291 Advisor

    i really thought a way would be a found to not take it offline completely, some kind of archive. it seems like such an insane choice not to

    there are a fair assortment of reaktor power users, many of them here in the thread who are sort of foundational to the community as far as being able to help people with pointers to basic knowledge. theres a very real sense in which all the information stored in the history of the forum is at a level more fundamental than that

    @Matt_NI you mentioned the forum traffic was pretty low in the time it was up, which makes sense if you consider it doesn't get accessed until you need it, say, if someone new comes on the forum asks a question that refers to it. that happened with someone asking about linear phase filters with variable cutoff, and a clever solution existed on the old forum and i was able to post it here

    that ability is lost now, feels like a real kneecap to the community. giving every reaktor power user catastrophic data loss = a community with amnesia

  • Mutis
    Mutis Member Posts: 472 Pro

    Since Reaktor grow from internal development environment into full product but now Soundwide/NI is pushing Soundstacks as that internal development environment… could be Reaktor transformed (refoundation) so old library being deprecated and the forum a collateral damage to certain degree?

  • Z Gabr
    Z Gabr Member Posts: 40 Helper

    Are you telling that Reaktor has now changed so much that the DSP programming that was the focus of two-thirds of the posts in the old forum is no longer used in Reaktor? I'm sorry, but that's very silly....))))

  • ANDREW221231
    ANDREW221231 Member Posts: 291 Advisor

    think maybe they're saying rather than the old forum being deleted without much thought, that maybe it was done intentionally due to being "in the way" of something new they're planning?

    kinda wondered that myself, deleting the forum makes about as much sense as deleting the user library

  • Z Gabr
    Z Gabr Member Posts: 40 Helper
    edited March 7

    I just don't understand who or what he was in the way of?

    In any case, this new thing has not yet been implemented and at the moment we are still engaged in DSP programming and drawing, or rather drawing in the past, knowledge from a common "piggy bank" called the old forum

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