Angel Serrano
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edited February 2023 in Traktor Software & Hardware

For many reasons, we strongly need to use Tidal, should we wait or change to other software

Please advice


  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,020 Expert

    I would say change software if you need tidal.

    If if they decide to implement it now, it would take month to do so with current available ressources to the traktor dev team.

  • SteveKDJ
    SteveKDJ Member Posts: 132 Helper

    I wonder how many people are in the "team"

    because I see no progress. But, maybe I'm the only one not seeing it!

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,020 Expert

    There could be a bunch of people, but maybe they are only allowed to collectively work for 20 hours per month on that project :)

  • Mike Vamp
    Mike Vamp Member Posts: 12 Member

    Let s make a bet. They won`t do it because they focus on Beatport Link. It s sad because Tidal offers a way better sound quality, even if you have the Beatport Link Pro plan. Same with Beatsource. It doesn t make sense to play on Function One with low-rate files. Better buying records 😉

    Therefore you need to download your playlists in .flac and import them into Traktor. Traktor still has so many great features, better than Rekordbox or whatever.

    That s my opinion. Good luck and keep on rockin ..

  • Tellmeaboutit123
    Tellmeaboutit123 Member Posts: 493 Guru

    Probably need to move onto another software if you really need Tidal as Traktor team have said they have no intention of implementing anytime soon.

  • Angel Serrano
    Angel Serrano Member Posts: 8 Member
    Probably the reason for not prioritizing the integration of platforms such as tidal or amazon music in traktor is because whoever makes the decision does not know the needs of djs today. I feel sad when reading a recommendation like the one you just gave me. Thanks anyway for your answer.

  • Owner
    Owner Member Posts: 275 Pro

    @Angel Serrano If you haven't already, please cast your vote here and describe why you urgently need Tidal. The more voices we have and the better they articulate why we need Tidal, the better chance things will accelerate:

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