How to remove a native instruments library from maschine?

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A while ago I installed an instrument called playseries expansion… It was a sampler of the first 3 play series instruments. Since then I have gotten the full versions of those instruments.

Now this “instrument” is full of duplicates of the full versions..

Any ideas on how to remove the duplicates? (Aka this library)

I tried to follow this thread but to no avail…

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    Unfortunately till this day we still don't have an uninstaller on MAC.

    The main files that tell NA that something is installed are .plists located here:

    • Macintosh HD > Users > *Your User Name* > Library > Preferences > com.native-instruments.*Product Name*.plist
    • Macintosh HD > Library > Preferences > com.native-instruments.*Product Name*.plist

    Search and delete the .plist file that matches that instrument name in both those folders, while both NA2 and Maschine are not running. Start Maschine and it should be gone, if it's not then go thru the whole tedious manual uninstall process (which you should do anyway to keep that stuff from taking disk space)


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