Bigging up the oldies - Making synths scalable

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I've recently been revisiting Massive for the first time in a long while and have really enjoyed getting back into all the potential of that instrument. All these years later it's still capable of wonderful stuff.

My only problem is that the interface is now so small on a modern high-res monitor that I need to use the Mac OS zoom feature to get it big enough to use without squinting.

I don't expect any answers or info on this point here on the forum since future update plans are obviously not going to be shared here. And I know it's tricky to find the time and resources for updating the old stuff when it's the flashy new things that attract attention and new customers (and when the codebase is so old). But I just wanted to say here that as a longtime NI user, I would personally even more excited to see the oldies get some love than I would be to see a new instrument in the next Komplete edition.

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