Practice mode - not updating played states

Hi all,

Been a while using traktor, and I have always wanted to do this. Using Traktor 3 up to date with S3.

So, maybe you have some ideas how to do this, or maybe an option is already existing

played count and last played date are good not to repeat much same song in same spaces. I like not to play over and over same tracks and I can do it.

For me, when working my library or practising, it counts like if I played with public, and I would like not to change those states. And keep the update date and plays numbers only for events I play with public.

At home, I'd like that those columns I use, are not involved in my practice.

Any Idea how to manage this.

Until now, once I play a track, I edit it and reverse back, but it often happened that I forgot !

What about you ?

Thanks community !



  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,090 Expert

    Kill traktor instead of cleanly shutting it down 💀

    Then it will not save new changes to the collection. At least I think so. Try at your own risk.

  • ARandomDj
    ARandomDj Member Posts: 5 Member

    !!!! not any other way ! this is quite hard way.

    and if this, all changes are gone, even the one I'd like to keep.

    Would be awesome to have a "practice" button, that allows that, any extension, or way to do so ?


  • Spazoo
    Spazoo Member Posts: 41 Helper

    I am experiencing the same problem.

    I would like to use the Smartlist feature to prevent playing songs already played within a program during the past 7 days. Unfortunately this Smartlist feature does not work for me because I often practice before recording a program, and the practice sessions are removing the songs from my playlist.

  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member, Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,534 mod

    Consider creating a standard playlist where you transfer/copy all the tracks in the smartlist to before practice. Afterward you can bulk edit the tracks in the playlist and set the played count back to zero.

  • ARandomDj
    ARandomDj Member Posts: 5 Member

    Hope one day NI would add such option !

    Good to see that I am not alone in this.

    And, yes, actually, using history to change back the values would be not bad but how to reverse back exactly as it was before ! ?

    Imagining, I practice a 2 hours set, play 20 tracks, how would I be able to reverse those 20 tracks back to previous played date and play count ! SUPER HARD !

    not bad, but it is valid only if I never played the track I used in practice ! which is ok for some, but not all.

    Any other suggestions ! ?


  • Spazoo
    Spazoo Member Posts: 41 Helper

    I will give this a try. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • ARandomDj
    ARandomDj Member Posts: 5 Member

    it is easy to reset played state if the track has never been played.

    but if any tracks had already been played, you loose all information !

    this is not working

    any other idea?


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