assigning automation to group selector in Kontakt

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I am very new to Kontakt...

I want to create an instrument for use on the Maschine Plus in standalone mode.

I have different samples in seperate groups. And want to select them with a knob on the hardware.

As far as I understand I have to assign the automation to the Group Selector.

I found a script called Group Selector in the script editor. But how can I assign this script to knob and then to a Host Automation?

So I can use one of the hardware knobs of the Maschine plus to select a different group and therefor different sample?


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    thijsschade Member Posts: 8 Member

    I already found out that I can't automate a drop down menu.

    But it seems possible to have a knob changing the value of the dropdown menu. Mayby the naming should be hard coded in that case, but maybe it is possible.

    say I have 3 groups: "Group 1", "Group 2" and " Groups 3".

    I can make a ui_knob with 3 value: declare ui_knob (0,2,1)

    How can I script that:

    value 1 = "Group 1"

    value 2 = "Group 2"

    value 3 = "Group 3"

    and in such a way that these values are inserted into the drop down menu?

    Idealy I also would like to have the knob automated with these text values, so I see them on my Maschine+ hardeware

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