Demo of Komplete Now still shows up after canceling

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Hi, the demo still shows up in my account. I canceled the subscription and would like the products that I own to show up in native access. I would understand if in native access there was a komplete now tab that showed the products that come with komplete now as expired. But they are included in my products so if I click install all NI automatically installs products that I do not own. This is a flaw. I have erased my PList on mac as well.

Any help with this? The serials should automatically dissappear after they are expired (one would think)



  • Matt_NI
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    @Walnut This might be an issue with the license itself. The best would be to contact our account support for this one so they can check your licenses and potentially remove KNOW if there still traces of it. You can reach out to our team here:

  • Walnut
    Walnut Member Posts: 36 Member

    Hi, I have contacted NI multiple times about this and they have yet to remove it from my account... It still shows up un native access.

    I would like to see a hide feature in native access at the least.

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