Can't get Native Access to install correctly, not working in Logic Pro X

clintoncole92 Member Posts: 8 Member

Attached are two screenshots one where content is and where the error message pops up that it's trying to open from another location? Also it's doubled the files in places - how do I clean this all up please I've been trying to figure this out for the past 2 days I've reinstalled everything, updated everything, not sure what's left for me to do!

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  • clintoncole92
    clintoncole92 Member Posts: 8 Member
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    Figured it out, click the arrow on right side of the magnifying glass in battery (opened in Logic Pro x or whichever DAW you're using) click edit>preferences>library>rescan then it all showed the correct kits in my folder even ones that weren't showing before :D. Hope this works for you guys!!


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