Maschine Mk3 on Amplifier ?

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Hi there,

I just got my 1st Maschine MK3 and I would like to use it directly on my sound system, so I don't have to buy new speakers for it but I couldn't find anything on the web...

Is it possible to connect it to a receiver like an Onkyo TX-NR6100 and use my speakers connected to it ? Do I have to use the headphones connection with a 1/4" Plugs ?

Thanks in advance !


  • Jeremy_NI
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    You could use two 1/4 jack to RCA cables and connect the main outputs of the MK3 to one of the RCA audio ins (not the phono as it's not line level). It seems that the Onkyo TX-NR6100 is a surround system, I'm not sure if the output of the MK3 will be great, unless there is a stereo mode. Also note that the amplifier and hi-fi speakers might colour the sound, unllike proper studio monitors that are more neutral.

  • Peter Harris
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    Absolutely, exactly what I did for the first year with my M+. And it's fun to hear your own music on a big system that you're used to hearing your entertainment media on. And I actually find a living room style setup, reclining on a comfy couch more conducive for making music. I just got a little stand like this

    so I can put my Maschine on my lap but still angle it to see it well. As an added bonus it works great for my (very warm) laptop too because of the ventilation. I just had to be careful to secure my cables so my partner didn't trip on them. Ultimately I ended up taping them down so I didn't have to warn her every time she walked through. I also ended up getting an inexpensive but decent set of wired (not Bluetooth) headphones too so I could make music at any time of day and also judge my mixing a little better.

    Once you get comfortable with your MK3, you will probably start making stuff you want to share and you may find that something you thought sounded great on your home system doesn't sound as you expected when exported and put on Soundcloud (for example). As Jeremy suggests, that is where you may find it much less frustrating to get a cheap set of monitors like these:

    You'll be amazed at how different (more accurate and ultimately better) your stuff sounds when you mix it using something like these placed just out of arms reach in front of you. I had a hard time believing even $100 monitors like these would be worth bothering with considering my/your decent surround sound system but trust us. 😉 And you'll spend a lot less time frustrated by the mixing process.

  • Obsn
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    Thank you for answers !

    I will do as you say and buy a pair of PreSonus Eris E5... It will be way easier :D.

    Just a last nooooob question :D I'm not sure what kind of cable to use, does any kind of 1/4 jack works ? Cause it is always indicated as "instrument" cables, for example is this ok ?

    Thank you so much

  • Peter Harris
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    I use a long 1/8" male-to-male stereo cable I can run out of the way and a 1/8-to-1/4 adapter that came with my headphones.

    That way I can plug straight out of Maschine's headphone/monitor out into the Eris' Aux input and have level dials at both ends to tweak volume. (Works perfectly when I want to use headphones too.)

    Let us know how it goes. You've got lots of fun ahead! 👍

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