Scripted change of ring mod wave shape issue

Lovechld2000 Member Posts: 29 Member

i loaded a ring mod in slot 0 of bus 0 in the inst buss and gave this code below. I tried with and without a wait_async command. Hitting the button resulted in update to a square wave with the internal panel showing ***. but that was the only result no matter what button position. Am I doing this incorrectly?

on init
  declare ui_button $do
end on

on ui_control($do)
  select ($do)
    case 0
      wait_async(set_engine_par($ENGINE_PAR_RINGMOD_LFO_WAVE, $NI_RINGMOD_LFO_WAVE_SINE, -1,0,$NI_BUS_OFFSET+ 0))
    case 1
      wait_async(set_engine_par($ENGINE_PAR_RINGMOD_LFO_WAVE, $NI_RINGMOD_LFO_WAVE_SQUARE, -1,0,$NI_BUS_OFFSET+ 0))
  end select
end on


  • Gablux
    Gablux Member Posts: 41 Member

    why using wait_async? that's not an async operation

  • Lovechld2000
    Lovechld2000 Member Posts: 29 Member
    edited February 17

    ah ok thanks, i think I got this to work without the wait_async

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