Keyswitch mapping not appearing on virtual keyboard

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Built an instrument containing 7 keyswitches. As I change keyswitches, the virtual keyboard at bottom does not follow the mapping. It stays constant. (The keyswitches are there in pink and function properly)

I have "Show Mapping and Keyswitches on Keyboard" enabled in the Options. Any advice appreciated. Thanks!



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    Show mapping and keyswitches on keyboard: If activated, KONTAKT’s virtual On-Screen Keyboard will highlight keys that trigger zones or keyswitches in your currently selected Instrument with different colors. By default, keys that trigger zones are colored blue and those that trigger keyswitches are colored red, however some libraries may deviate from this convention.

    So, the blue ones - which you don't see - were referred to as 'Dynamic KS' in the VSL from the past. I haven't worked with the new ones, so I can't comment.

    If you were expecting to see colours like those on the S series keyboards, you have to script those. It's very basic.

    set_key_color(number, color) - refer to KSP manual for proper syntax.

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