traktor s4 mk3 sound problem

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I have a new computer with Windows 11 and USB 3.0 and I use traktor s4 mk3 and there is a problem with the sound. I have installed sound drivers and when I play some music there are some clicking noises in the speakers. I have no idea how to solve this problem.



  • Markovicz
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    Hi @TUBRO,

    you seem to experience a DPC latency issue, which is nothing too unusual on Windows computers, especially when they are coming right out of the box.

    It might be helpful to check the following Knowledge Base article:

    Windows Tuning Tips for Audio Processing

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    1. Are you streaming tracks with Beatport Link? If not see step 2.

    2. Make sure you are using the S4mk3 Asio driver.

    If you are experiencing high latency with your TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 MK3 / S4 MK3, you can try to reduce it by installing the ASIO driver. You can find the driver installer here:

    • C:\ > Programs > Native Instruments > Traktor Pro 3 > Drivers

    After the installation you can select the ASIO driver in TRAKTOR's Preferences > Audio Setup.

    The Wasapi drivers have never worked for me.

    Once you install the Asio driver set it at 256 and 3ms USB buffer. If the problem persists try 512 with 3ms USB buffer.

    Also open the control panel and find your sound settings icon. Check to see what you computer bitrate is for sound output. Typically it will either be 44khz or 48kz.

    Make sure you set the Asio driver to the same as the computer. This sometimes helps.

    3. Post if you still have issues. Most newer computers after 2020 should run Traktor. I will be glad to help further.

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    Oh also update drivers on your computer. Many new computers are far behind on updates that windows doesn't catch.

    You can update by clicking control panel. Device Manager and checking each device for driver updates. Right click properties and update from the internet for everything.

    Most newer computers also work well with the built in support application. You can do Bios updates and almost everything you need there. I do both the support and the Device Manager driver updates. An outdated driver can cause problems.

    Bios updates are sometimes very important for fixing complicated issues or adding functionality.

    Also after any updates to Windows or Traktor make sure to completely restart your computer. Most crashes I have ever had are when I don't restart. Don't start up a Dj set ever without restart.

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