Traktor Z2 + Time Code Bleed +OBS

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Ok so I've been reading the forums and trying to figure this out..I tried sound garden, Black Hole to no success..I can play vinyl to OBS no issues..but the digital Vinyl bleeds through and distorts Audio. When I tried using Black Hole for example when I selected aggregate sound..the vinyl code stoped working..I'm not a sound this is out of my realm..I need to know if anyone has figured this out..I need to know what APP and how to set it up and what settings need to be changed in Traktor Pro 3...If I have to get another sound card I will. What is the best way to do another external sound card? I am running Mac book Pro M1 11.6.8 Big Sur, Traktor Pro 3, Traktor Control Z2 (Does Traktor have anything similar to Serato Virtual Sound)



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    Does Traktor have anything similar to Serato Virtual Sound

    I wish man, how I wish. ;_; In rekordbox you could just say "send master to virtual device" and boom, record with OBS.

    Anyhow, if you want to go the software route:

    I'm on windows and can't make aggregated devices that easily.

    I ended up going the analog route, a cable from booth out into a line in on my s4. And then inside OBS i used ASIO plugin and picked just that single line in signal.

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