Best way to integrate Komplete 13 into Maschine

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😀Hi i just bought komplete 13 together with machine, krate cuts and faded reels. Anyone can give me some pointers on how and where to begin?

Such a vast library of kontakt, machine, reaktor and others. What is the best way to learn and integrate those sounds into machine and to learn to get around them without losing yourself in it?


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    Welcome. I would start my going to your expansions and listening to projects and groups.

    In projects you have to load each individual song but in groups you can scroll through an hear examples of pre recorded beats,

    In this manner you can hear what kind of sounds are in your expansions and this will provide inspiration for you to create. If you goal is to make music then you don't want to get lost in all the stuff but creating great music.

    As you begin to create you can go to sounds and instruments and pick a sound to want to add/ for example a bass sound. Maschine will give you lots of examples of bass sounds which you can preview. They will be from all your existing libraries. I hope this makes sense. So try not to get hung up in all the stuff but pursue creating songs. Then all the stuff will come together. I promise.

    Enjoy and welcome to Maschine. You're talking to a long time Logic user. I just started in Maschine like 3 years ago.

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    Also. You tube is a wonderful assortment of how to videos on everything related to Maschine. TONS of tutorials of getting started with great tips. And they are geared on how to make beats in different flavors.

    I'm excited to see you make great music,

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    Welcome to the NI community @Sportify1

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