Advance Harmonic Mixing Advice?

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Can someone explain the highlighted adjacent keys in Traktor 3 please? Are they all 5 away on the camalot wheel.??

I saw a DJ Tech Tools vid saying you can mix into tracks that are 3 away with the opposite letter (EG 1M can mix into 4D)

I've seen other vids saying you can mix into tracks that are numerically 3 below or 2 above on the camalot wheel too (EG 1M could also mix into 10M and 3M)

Can anyone explain the rules for mixing harmonically, beyond the standard 1 up/down method?



  • Kayya
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    Harmonic music logic is a subject related to chords. I care a lot about this harmony. Once you're used to it, you understand the tone of sounds and incompatibilities bother.

    It's true that you can mix 3 chords up or down music. But there are some details here. Your voice needs to be suitable for so much chord change. And because it's made digital, the sense of artificiality should be small. This information does not come directly to us. So what we consider most accurate is to go up and down the 2 chords and listen strictly for compatibility before playing it. I think everyone does that.

    There is also something like what chords the flow can start with and end with what chords during the performance. It's something I haven't found an answer that I've been wondering lately. That's why we keep wandering between chords :)

  • zephry
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    The adjacent key function in Traktor preferences is kind of confusing.

    Here is a quote from NI in the old forum.

    "With "Adjacent Keys" we intend to highlight "keys that are compatible if tuned half semi-tone up or down with the new buttons in the key lock widget.

    These keys are therefore musically "adjacent" to the compatible keys as they are one semitone above or below them."

    But as said by @Kayya above, it is a good idea to train your ear for what sounds correct. Don't worry you will figure out what is harmonic very quickly once you start changing key in Traktor.

    I have not used the adjacent key mode, I keep forgetting to practice with it. Lol

  • Neddac
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    Thanks for the replies!

    I'll do some testing with it.

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