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I'm getting my head around TRK-01 and feel it's gonna be really useful for me.

I am trying to synch it with a song I'm doing but the bass part (which has 4 pages) will not play in the order I want. When I start my song off at the correct bit on the playlist the TRK-01 starts playing page 3 and then goes on to 4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4....rotating.

I need it to start at bass page 1 in time with the FL song.

It might be something I'm not pressing on the TRK-01 or maybe something I just can't put my finger on.

Can anyone look at the screenshot and have an idea of why it's starting on bass page 3 instead of 1? I'd be really thankful as this looks like an amazing thing regarding bassline and kicks.

Thanks again, ste.


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    do you start at bar 1 or 5in your daw, it sound to me that you start at bar 3 or something like that, then it behaves like you described. You can also trigger patterns with the notes from C2 on, and use four patterns with just one page instead of one pattern with four pages. Would be cool if the note triggers also start the pattern from start, at least optional, would add soo much possibilities. You could also try to disable sync under timing, of course set bpm as in your daw. I have to play around a bit more with it the behavior is a bit strange. BTW - this instrument is lot of fun to use, could go on for hours.

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    Hi Uwe,

    Thnx for getting back.

    I'm really reading on this, it would fit perfectly into a song I'm doing. TRK-01 has given me a completely new way to go, it's amazing. You're right you can lose a lot of time to this and you know what, I'm gonna.

    Can I just ask 2 things that you might know the answer to?

    The manual doesn't seem to say.

    What is the difference between patterns and Pages?

    And how do I trigger TRK-01 in FL's piano roll so I can start/stop/choose pages/patterns?

    I would have thought each pattern of TRK-01 would be linked to a certain key on the piano roll.

    But I just can't get it to link at the moment.

    Thnx if you can help, will save me a whole load of time.

    All the best, ste. :O)

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    A pattern can consist of up to 4 patterns with 16 steps, this is what the setting "16x4" in your picture does, 16 is the steps and 4 sets 4 pages for the pattern. And you can trigger patterns and sounds (dots on top) try the notes from C-2 on, if i remember correctly C-2 and next 7 notes is pattern for bassdrum, C-1 and on is BD Sound, C0 is pattern basssynth, C1 and next 7 notes should be bassynth sound. The issue is, that even if you trigger the pattern, the page is still in sync, there is unfortunately no rettigger function. That's why a said use 4 patterns with just 1 page (16x1) - you can also try to set sync off, but of course set BPM as in your DAW that somehow worked too as I tested yesterday - just try a bit.

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    Try the last note in the octave; that will stop the pattern. (Record that note into your pattern at the end.)

  • ste20man
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    Thank you all for your help, I've got it going now, awesome bit of kit the TRK-01.

    I had a listen to your music Uwe and was really impressed.

    Is a banger.

    A kick from heaven, nice work my friend!

    Hope I can do something as good in the future.

    thanks for all your help, Ste.

  • ste20man
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    don't know if can post a link with music like that above.

    new to this forum really didn't know it would bring it in like that.

    Can a moderator delete it if necessary, please?

    Great track all the same!

    thnx, Ste.

  • Uwe303
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    no problem i like that song, im also a long time queen fan (my first love in music) and like electronic music in general....., but this remix is not from me unfortunately, it´s just a repost - i also hope i get better in the future and can make a song\rmx like this.

  • ste20man
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    Hi Uwe.

    If you are Roger May on SoundCloud I am impressed!

    I love the flash cos I'm a huge Queen fan too.

    I love a lot of the stuff that you have done, you're way better than me (I'm working hard / having fun).

    I think I like MOOD the best if that is one done by you.

    Thanks for all help with TRK-01, I've got the gist of it now. I come from a guitar background so TRK-01 gives me a solid way into making beats of different kinds in the electronic vein. I had one track where I was looking through the presets and it was just like plug-and-play. Something I was looking for but would have taken AGES to figure out how to get the sound and the vibe. I just need to understand how too vary things a bit as it goes on and it's amazing. Just plug and play and you're off, sweet.

    I will keep checking back on your stuff to see if anything new pops up.

    Thnx for all the help, it was needed!

    All the best, ste.

  • Uwe303
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    Thanks 🙏 and keep going have fun - for me that's the most important thing, I'm coming more from the technical side - was the guy in school the music teacher picking up from math lesson, if the pa was not working so i had to go there and fix it 😂, and it's a bit therapy for me too

  • ste20man
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    Thnx man!

    Very inspirational!!!

    Will speak soon, ste. :)

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