Kore as MIDI Controller

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I have no interest in software and was exploring the idea to get a used Kore Controller (likely MK2) purely as a MIDI Controller for hardware synths. I downloaded the controller editor and it does not show an interface to support Kore. Am I stuck, not being able to use it?

EDIT: thanks to the helpful hint, the answer is to install an older version, i.e. version 1.74 instead. You can find the file here -> https://www.native-instruments.com/en/support/downloads/drivers-other-files/


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    Long ago discontinnued (painful way) product. It doesn’t worth the effort at all IMHO…

    Once again non class compliant product made it probably very powerfull by HID but total waste after discontinnuation.

    Sometimes I wonder about new kore product with just M+ brain (well an updated one better said) with few controls, 2 screens, inputs/outputs… but in the end is cheaper to get a late 12 mac mini, maxxed it and just use whatever hardware you need/want or wait until Apple decides to improve iPadOS and that’s it.

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