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Maschine download won't show up in Native Access

strrmx Member Posts: 1 Noise
edited March 6 in Maschine

Trying to install my old Maschine MK1. I have the disc and serial number on hand. In my NI profile on this website, I see "MASCHINE incl. Komplete Elements" under Products and Serials.. yet inside of Native Access, there is no download for Maschine. I even tried installing via the old CD disc and it won't let me utilize it past "Demo" mode or "Activate" which leads me to the old NI Service Center which doesn't work.

Not sure what to do. I tried reinstalling Native Access, refreshing it, etc. Maschine software will not show up for download or update.


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  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 4,392 mod
    edited February 7

    Hey @strrmx What is your operating system? What version of Native Access are you using?

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 4,392 mod
    Answer ✓

    No news from you for a while. We’re closing this thread now. If you still need assistance on that topic, please get in touch here: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_maschine

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