Kontakt Factory Selection 1.4.2 demo mode . M+

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I've been trying to solve the mystery for two months now. Let's figure it out together, because after the next update, this can happen to anyone. System M.V. 2.16.1(R0) FW 0.1.9 .

I contacted support for the second time, I'm still waiting for an answer.

1. My Kontakt Factory Selection 1.4.2 library behaves like it is not registered. When loading the instrument, the sound disappears after an hour. When loading a project with these tools, there is no sound. The image of the tools is the same. Compared to Retro Machines mk2 , this is also a Kontakt library. The tool is loaded, there is a library name, a tool name and a library image. Projects open with sound, the sound does not disappear. On the sd card in the library folder there is a .metadata file with a serial number.

2. In Native Access Kontakt Factory Selection 1.4.2 I don't have , in my account either . There is nothing on the sd card related to Kontakt Factory Selection 1.4.2 . What could be the reason ?


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