Anyone else have horrible luck with Komplete Kontrol s88 mk2?

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I bought a new s88 mk2 2 months ago. After a month of regular use the F above middle C started making an obscene clicking noise even on fairly light touch. See (and hear) 1st movie attached in zip.

Since I was out of the retail return policy I filed a warranty issue. After $100 out of my pocket for packaging / box materials to ship back, NI sent me a replacement unit.

This unit had scratches all over it, there was food crumbs / sticky stuff by the "pattern' button, and the low A makes a crunchy / grinding sound when touched even lightly. For the key issue see (and hear) the 2nd video attached in the zip. I actually use the low keys quite a bit for key switches so this would be terribly frustrating...

Curious if others have had other issues both with the units, and NI sending obviously used and abused units for replacement.

I've lost quite a chunk of faith in NI through this experience - and hope they can resolve this either by delivering a unit in full working order or compensating for loss - been a loyal user for 20+ years.


  • DunedinDragon
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    I bought a S49 about 6 months ago and it gets used pretty much daily for several hours. I've had nothing weird or flaky happen and it just plain works as expected every time I turn it on. The difference is mine sits in my studio and never gets moved so it's very clean (except for a little dust) and has no damage at all. It's been plugged in the same way as the day I brought it home and connected it, so that could be the difference.

  • galactic
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    Never moved it either, it's a studio keyboard only - and the s49 is quite a different key action. It maybe got 5-10 hours of total use before it flaked - and the 2nd unit out of the box was garbage. Curious on experiences with an s88...

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @galactic Depending on cases some refurbished units can be sent as replacement but they should be in perfect shape and thoroughly checked, which is obviously not the case here. I see that you are already in contact with our hardware department, I'm sure they will find a satisfying solution in your case.

  • seadragon
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  • galactic
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    Crickets from the NI hardware support team after sending me a trashed unit...

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @galactic I see that you finally worked it out with Sweetwater. Our hardware department will workout how to deal with the rest with Sweetwater, hoping that this time you get a perfect condition unit. Our apologies for the bad experience so far.

  • galactic
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    Update here…

    I did receive a new unit from Sweetwater and at least on day one there are no issues and it is in much better shape (even better action) than the original unit.

    A shame that I encountered bad luck with not 1, but 2 consecutive S88s - but despite the arduous support process, NI was very accommodating in the end to lighten the blow.

  • Sajan K
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    I have had my S88 for over 2 years now. When they work they are FABULOUS. Every now and then (especially when there is a Mac OS upgrade) it can be frustrating. Now all of sudden, I have lost touch control (all keys perform at 127 just touching the key), my middle C has shifted (but I sort of fixed that) and the last 6 keys dont work.

    Its just a shame that these things happen - especially being one of the best keyboards out there.

  • Simchris
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    Zero issues with any of my three komplete kontrol keyboards, thankfully.

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