Need assistance opening up the Maschine Jam Hardware

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What's up, Maschine Jam Fam,

I just purchased a used Jam this week (with full license transferal). The key are yellowish from oxidation and it smells a little like cigarette smoke.

So I am in the process of opening it up to restore/whiten the keypads and such. Yes, I broke the warranty seal, to save you the comments. LOL

But the problem is that, while it only has 13 screws on the back, which I successfully removed, for some reason, the top right corner of the maschine jam is not giving and is still tightly closed. I shined lights in there, and don't see any screws holding it. Plus there are no extra screws on the back. I am afraid to pry open the last corner, but may have to.

Anyone out there opened up a Maschine Jam before? Any ideas?




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