Komplete Kontrol S88 MKII Pedal issues after computer wakes up from sleep mode

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Does anyone have problems with Komplete Kontrol keyboards when the computer wakes up from sleep?

I'm a macOS user, using the latest version of macOS Ventura 13.2 and Komplete Kontrol 2.8.1 with a NI Komplete Kontrol S88 MKII updated to the latest available firmware.

I've a Fatar VFP3-15 triple pedal, compatible with the keyboard as it's shown here -> https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/es/articles/360011121018-Lista-de-pedales-compatibles-con-los-teclados-Komplete-Kontrol

The left pedal (soft) is assigned to CC67, the Middle Pedal (sostenuto) to CC66 and the Right Pedal (sustain) to CC64. Everything is working fine until my computer (iMac) goes to sleep. When I awake it, the Komplete Kontrol keyboard doesn't work as expected, some of the pedals are not working and others are sending wrong messages (for example CC65, that I have not assigned anywhere or to any pedal, button or knob).

If I restart the computer, everything is working again. Also if I power off and power on the keyboard without restart the computer. But the problem starts again each time the computer wakes up from sleep mode.

I didn't experienced this before, after more than 1 year with the same configuration, apps, computer and keyboard. Is perhaps related to macOS Ventura? Because I think it's the only thing that has changed recently.

I'm already in contact with Native Instruments support, but they don't seem to find the solution for now. So I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing something similar.

NIHostIntegrationAgend and NIHardwareAgent are running in the background.

Full Disk Access is allowed for Native Instruments apps such as Komplete Kontrol, Native Access and Kontakt. I've also tried allowing it to NIHostIntegrationAgent and NIHardwareAgent with no luck.

If anyone has the same problem and has found a solution, please share it here, I would appreciate it. It is very annoying to have to turn the keyboard off and on every time my computer wakes up from sleep, especially since the button is located on the back of the device, in a place that is not very accessible.


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