Izotope crossgrade for a K14 owner

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   I cannot find a definitive answer as to whether or not I qualify as being able to purchase and install the cross grade for izotope's music production suite. 

I am an owner of komplete 14 standard. I acquired k14 standard by upgrading from k14 select. I now will like to purchase the music suite from izotope as a cross grade since it says it's available to owners of k2-14, k8-14 ultimate, and k? - 14 ultimate collectors edition.

The reason I'm confused is because if owners of k2-14 is sufficient enough for a cross grade then y specify after that, the different ultimate editions as well? So I'm kinda confused and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on something that I'm sure I wouldn't get a refund back on (let alone get a real means of contacting ni for a refund).

So anyhow, am I considered eligible to purchase n install it without issue as a cross grade since I am a owner of k14 standard? 


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    As you may know, Komplete comes in three (four if counting in Start, but let's ignore it) different flavours:

    • Standard
    • Ultimate
    • Ultimate Collector's Edition

    The text just tells you which ones are eligible for the crossgrade - which are all of the above, at varying version numbers.

    Anyway, if you own Komplete 14 Standard, you are eligible for the crossgrade.

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    Wouldn't it be easily understood if it had just gave me a pop-up stating that I'm eligible? What was really confusing is that NI stated that when I click buy, it will send me to the purchase page with the best version already selected. Instead of that for me, when I clicked buy, it showed the full version and (even though I was signed in) when I selected ctossgrade, a yellow exclamation pops up stating that it'll only work if this that n the third..

    My point that I'm trying to state is make it easy for us to know if we already own a product without having to click on the serials page but instead on the actual products page where a price of it is shown and, give us a 'you are eligible for this purchase' message in addition to the yellow exclamation.

    Im new NI's products and am so disappointed with how dubious they are with giving Americans Basic Common features that are very minimal (and basic), thru out a majority of all the top music venders and their respective websites.

    Waves has a simple feature that hide or shows products own as well as clearly makes it visible that something can be acquired at discount or not.

    Quality of life improvements.. Like resizeable windows..

    Come on NI. It's 2023..

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    We're constantly improving our website and it does seem strange to get sent to a page to get told the wrong license. Afaik if you are logged-in, the website should automatically detect what license is best for you. I'll check this out.

    On another topic, we actually rolled out an update on our website recently allowing you to hide products you already own. In case you missed it ...👇

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    @Matt_NI "On another topic, we actually rolled out an update on our website recently allowing you to hide products you already own"

    That is pretty nice and was most requested aswell, but does not seem to work correctly in some cases?

    For instance, I own SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION: EAST ASIA (went through that Yangqin upgrade offer back then) and even when I activate that filter, I still see it listed?!

    (Sorry, I don't want to derail this thread... 😅)

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    Sweet.. Thank you for your informative post.

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