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Issues with Application Installation Path

Logan Wall
Logan Wall Member Posts: 1 Noise

Hey all, I'm waiting on Support to get back with me, but hoping someone has navigated this issue already. I'm installing NI Komplete 13 on a brand new MacBook Pro running OS Ventura. 16 GB memory, and 1TB SSD. Pro Tools 2022.12 This is not my first time installing NI via Native Access, but certainly is the first time for this issue. I'm guessing it may be related to support with the M2 Pro Chip, but hoping I'm wrong. The issue is as follows:

When installing the instruments all is well except that the folder that should contain applications (/Applications/Native Instruments) remains empty after successful installation notification from Native Access. (It does correctly install Kontakt, Kontakt 5, Kontakt 7, Reactor, Battery, etc.) Thinking it may be a bug I open Pro Tools, launch Kontakt successfully, and it's empty. I go to locate the instruments via "Files" and because the application folder is empty there is no way to import appropriate files. I'm installing the content on an external drive (Lacie 5TB) and everything installs correctly there. It's almost as if there are no application files downloaded whatsoever? I have searched my computer high and low and have not found any trace of them. I should also mention I have tried turning off Firewall, Firevault, I have turned on Full Disk Access, as well as Folder Permissions to read and write within the /Applications/Native-Instruments folder. All of this to no avail. Fingers crossed some brilliant person out there has a fix for this! Thanks!

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